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About Us

  Split Mountain Quail and Preserve, LLC

has been in the farming business for many years.

Split Mountain Quail farm

As lifelong residents in the mountains we have

farmed cattle, horses, and timber.

Our farm where we raise quail is located in the Fines Creek community 


Clyde, North Carolina


our hunting preserve is in nearby Spring Creek.

Christmas tree farm

                        Christmas trees at our farm                       


We also have a seasonal Christmas tree farm at our Fines Creek location.

Visit us in the winter, wander through our tree farm, 


select your "perfect " Christmas tree!

We have customers who return year after year!

quail egg Split Mountain quail farm

                          quail egg                      

About the quail we raise...

newborn quail

stock photo


To ensure quality we only breed bobwhite quail.

They are raised in a large flight pen measuring 72' x 14' x 12'.

This large pen is a desirable feature when raising quail to prepare them

 for their eventual release on a hunt.

Prior to your hunt we will release the birds into a zone on our preserve.

You'll quail hunt from 1 of 3 dedicated zones that are surrounded by over 700 acres

of wooded mountain land.

quail pen Split Mountain quail farm

                                   quail pens at Split Mountain farm                                 


Hunting quail

our new hunt dog!

At Split Mountain Quail and Preserve, LLC

 we can provide you with a guide and dog for a hunt on our preserve.

 We have 6 guides with a total of 120+ years of quail hunting experience.

Take advantage of their knowledge and experience 

to enhance your quail hunting experience


help you get that bird!

  Call us to schedule a guided hunt or ask a question.


 828-627-6392  (office)
828-734-9101 (cell)

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